Meaning of REARWARD in English

I. ˈri(ə)rˌwȯrd, -iəˌwȯ(ə)d noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English rerewarde, from Anglo-French; akin to Old French reregarde, rereguarde rear guard — more at rear guard

: rear ; especially : the rear division of an army or fleet

II. -_wə(r)d adjective

Etymology: rear (IV) + -ward, adjective suffix

1. : located at, near, or toward the rear

the rearward section of the store

2. : directed toward the rear : backward

bumping it shut with a rearward motion — Gertrude Schweitzer

• rear·ward·ness noun -es

III. adverb

also rear·wards -dz

Etymology: rear (IV) + -ward, wards, adverb suffix

: at, near, or toward the rear : backward

gazing rearward out the window — Monsanto Magazine

lobbed the football rearward to one of the halfbacks

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