Meaning of RECAPTURE in English

I. (ˈ)rē+ noun

Etymology: re- + capture, n.



(1) : the act of retaking or the fact of being retaken : recovery

the recapture of three fourths of the lake shore, which had fallen completely into private ownership — Harland Bartholomew

the development of new markets and recapture of former markets — W.M.Blair

(2) : the retaking of a prize or goods usually thereby under international law devesting the property acquired in captured booty or prize — compare postliminium

b. : a governmental seizure under law of earnings or profits beyond a fixed amount

c. : a capture that completes an even exchange in chess

2. : something that is captured again

II. transitive verb

Etymology: re- + capture, vb.


a. : to capture again

recaptured the hill they had lost the day before

informal history that recaptures much of the flavor of a composite society — W.H.Stephenson

b. : to experience again : recover

by no effort of the imagination could she recapture the ecstasy — Ellen Glasgow

recapture the past

2. : to take by law or through negotiations under law (a portion of earnings or profits above a fixed amount)

• re·cap·tur·er “+ə(r) noun -s

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