Meaning of REENTRY in English

(ˈ)rē+ noun

Etymology: Middle English reentre, from re- + entre entry — more at entry

1. : a retaking possession ; especially : entry by a lessor or grantor on premises leased or granted in exercise of a right reserved on the tenant's failure to perform the covenants or conditions of the lease, grant, or other conveyance

2. : a second or new entry

a reentry into public life

granted a reentry permit by the consulate


a. : a regaining of the right to lead by winning a trick in bridge

b. : a playing card that will win a trick in the hand of a player who has previously had the right to lead

4. : a double impression on a line-engraved stamp produced in the transfer of the design to the printing plate ; also : double transfer

5. : the action of reentering the earth's atmosphere after traveling into space — used of a missile or vehicle

a nose cone, or reentry body, that would not burn up like a meteor when it plunged back into the atmosphere — Clay Blair

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