Meaning of REGRESS in English


I. ˈrēˌgres noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English regresse, from Latin regressus, from regressus, past participle of regredi to go back, from re- + gradi to step, go — more at grade

1. : an act or the privilege of going or coming back : withdrawal , egress

free ingress and regress for ships


a. : the right or power of falling back on another as primarily liable : recourse

b. : reentry or right of reentry (as upon lands redeemed from forfeiture or default or upon a vacated benefice)

2. : retrogression , retrogradation

3. : the act of reasoning backward (as from effect to cause)

II. rə̇ˈgres, rēˈ- verb

( -ed/-ing/-es )

Etymology: Latin regressus, past participle of regredi to go back

intransitive verb

: to make or undergo regress : be subject to or exhibit regression : retrograde ; often : to tend to approach or revert to a mean

transitive verb

: to induce a state of psychological regression in (as by hypnosis or suggestion)

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