Meaning of RENEWAL in English


rə̇ˈn(y)üəl, rēˈ-, -(y)u̇əl also -ül noun

( -s )

Etymology: renew + -al

1. : the act or process of renewing

a renewal of the copyright by the publisher

: repetition

the 15th renewal of the … winter carnival — Springfield (Massachusetts) Union

2. : the quality or state of being renewed

3. : something renewed ; specifically : an expiring agreement (as a library loan or a subscription to a periodical) renewed for an additional period

4. : something used for renewing ; specifically : an expenditure that betters (as by prolonging useful lives, increasing output) existing fixed assets and is usually capitalized in the accounts — usually used in pl; compare repair , replacement

5. : a forbearance from enforcing an obligation (as on commercial paper) in virtue of an agreement by which the obligee relinquishes his right of action for a definite period or until a specified date

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