Meaning of REPERCUSSION in English

ˌ ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ˈkəshən noun

Etymology: Latin repercussion-, repercussio, from repercussus (past participle of repercutere ) + -ion-, -io -ion


a. archaic : a driving or forcing back of one thing by another or the state of being driven back : recoil , repulse

b. : reflection , reverberation

if the sun's glory were not endlessly caught, splintered and thrown back by atmospheric repercussions — Thomas De Quincey


a. : an impact, action, or effect given or exerted in return : a reciprocal action or effect

caught up in the repercussions of the movement — Stuart Cloete

b. : a widespread, indirect, or unforeseen effect of an act, action, or event

this drastic depletion must have repercussions elsewhere and play a part in lowering the country's water table — Farmer's Weekly (South Africa)

the accelerated rate of mobility produced complex social repercussions — Oscar Handlin


a. : the dominant in a Gregorian chant

b. : the reentrance of a fugue subject and answer after the development or after an episode

4. : ballottement

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