Meaning of ROUNDING in English


I. noun

( -s )

Etymology: from gerund of round (VI)


a. : the act or process of making or becoming round

b. : the trimming and cutting of hides

c. : the act or result of pronouncing with rounded lips — called also lip-rounding

2. : something that has been made round : a rounded object, surface, or corner

3. : rope rejected for other use and wound round a ship's cable as chafing gear

4. : the expressing of a number with only a convenient degree of exactness (as by dropping decimals beyond a stated number of places or by substituting zeros for final integers)

II. adjective

Etymology: from present participle of round (VI)

1. : encircling, encompassing

2. : tending towards roundness : becoming round

3. : circling round

4. : of, relating to, or used for trimming or shaping to roundness

a rounding tool

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