Meaning of SABAEAN in English

I. adjective

or sa·be·an səˈbēən

Usage: usually capitalized

Etymology: Latin sabaeus Sabaean (from Greek sabaios, from Saba Sheba, ancient kingdom in southwestern Arabia, from Arabic Saba' ) + English -an

1. : of or relating to the ancient people and kingdom of Saba flourishing in southwestern Arabia from about 950 to 115 B.C., attaining their prime about the middle of the first millennium B.C., and anciently renowned for wealth and trade (as in spices) — compare himyarite , minaean

2. : of or relating to the language and alphabet of the Sabaeans

II. noun

or sabean “

( -s )

1. capitalized

a. : a native or inhabitant of Saba in southern Arabia

b. : the Semitic language of the Sabaean people that is a form of South Arabic

3. usually capitalized : mandaean

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