Meaning of SAMPLING in English


( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: from gerund of sample (II)


a. : an act or instance of obtaining a sample

improved technic … for blood sampling — advt

the purpose of sampling is to determine the average mineral values in the deposit — J.D.Forrester

b. : assessment of the quality or character of a whole by examination of a sample : testing

periodic sampling of the stored grain is necessary to be sure it is not molding

c. : personal investigation : trial

experimental sampling , as with edibles, … played a part in the transformation of our material environment — Lewis Mumford

2. : sample

those who would like to find out what the French do in commerce and industry can get complete samplings at the … fair — New York Times

this inventory is far from complete, but it is an adequate sampling — Abram Kardiner

ask a sampling of people why they didn't buy one client's product — Vance Packard

3. : the introduction of a product or promotion of its sale by distributing at no cost or at a reduced price a trial package in regular or specially designed smaller size

4. : the act, process, or technique of determining traits or attitudes of a whole population by collecting and analyzing data from a representative segment of it : survey

after allowance has been made for the quantitative and qualitative bias of the sampling , series of generalizations are drawn — Sidney Hook

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