Meaning of SAPONIN in English

ˈsapənə̇n noun

( -s )

Etymology: French saponine, from Latin sapon-, sapo soap + -ine -in

1. : any of numerous glycosides that occur in many plants (as soapbark, soapwort, or sarsaparilla), that are characterized by their properties of foaming in water solution and producing hemolysis when solutions are injected into the bloodstream, and that on hydrolysis yield a triterpenoid or steroid sapogenin and one or more sugars (as glucose, galactose, or xylose)

2. : a yellowish to white acrid hygroscopic amorphous substance that in powder form causes sneezing, that is extracted especially from soapbark or soapwort, that contains a triterpenoid saponin as the active ingredient, and that is used chiefly as a foaming and emulsifying agent and detergent

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