Meaning of SCALED in English


I. ˈskāld, esp before pause or consonant -āəld adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from scale (V) + -ed


a. : covered with scales or a scalelike structure

scaled fish

scaled reptile

scaled moth

or with scalelike parts that overlap in the manner of roof tiles

the scaled bud of a beech tree

b. : covered with tiles overlapping like scales

c. : having a surface pattern or texture resembling scales

scaled jewelry

2. : having feathers that in appearance or arrangement somewhat resemble scales — see scaled dove , scaled quail

II. adjective

Etymology: from past participle of scale (VI)

: lacking scales : having had the scales removed

scaled herring

III. adjective

Etymology: scale (VII) + -ed

: furnished with or adjusted to a scale

traveled … over scaled highways — From Australia

chose delicately scaled antiques — This Week Magazine

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