Meaning of SCROLL in English


I. ˈskrōl noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English scrowle, alteration (influenced by rolle roll) of scrowe, from Middle French escroe, escroue scrap, strip of parchment, scroll, of Germanic origin; akin to Middle Dutch schrode piece cut off, shred — more at shred


a. : a long strip (as of papyrus, leather, or parchment) used as the body of a written document and often having a rod with handles at one or both ends for convenience in rolling and storing it

when parchment became available … its greater strength permitted the transcription of the entire book on to one long scroll — A.P.Davies

b. archaic : a written message (as a letter)

do not exceed the prescript of this scroll — Shakespeare

c. : a roster of names : list

his name was placed high upon the scroll of the world's great — J.C.Fitzpatrick

d. : an ornamental riband with rolled ends often inscribed with a motto ; specifically : escrol

e. : a formal testimonial usually engraved or hand illuminated on special paper (as parchment or vellum)

the guest of honor received a framed scroll — Springfield (Massachusetts) Union


a. : something that is likened to a scroll

a great glissando, a scroll from the wind instruments — Sacheverell Sitwell

history which forms the running scroll of his … experience — S.H.Adams

b. : a crescentic deposit of a meandering stream on a floodplain

3. : a part or ornament more or less resembling a scroll in shape: as

a. : any of various spiral or convoluted forms in ornamental design derived from the curves of a loosely or partly rolled parchment scroll

an oval mat with a row of scrolls forming the center — Mabel Roffey & Charlotte Cross


(1) : a volute of an Ionic, Corinthian, or composite capital

(2) : a curved molding common in medieval work

c. : a spiral formation or ornament of furniture — see flemish scroll; leg illustration

d. : the curved head of a bowed stringed musical instrument — see violin illustration

e. : scrollhead


(1) : a spiral-shaped rib or slot for gearing with a slot on a radially moving part (as the jaw of a scroll chuck)

(2) : a casing for a turbine wheel having a spiral waterway of converging aperture

(3) : a similar casing on a centrifugal pump or blower

(4) : a curved portion at the end of a leaf spring

(5) : a loop or coil of copper tubing inside a still

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scroll 1a


II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb

1. : to inscribe on or as if on a scroll

the panel on which 38B was delicately scrolled — Kay Boyle

2. : to form into or adorn with scrolls

the river is scrolled in shining bends across the flatlands

intransitive verb

: to curl up or roll out like a scroll

bright yellow material, with scrolling scarlet roses — H.E.Bates

the long hourly routine scrolled ahead of me — Nathaniel Burt

III. transitive verb

: to cause (text or graphics on a display screen) to move vertically or horizontally usually one line or column at a time as if by unrolling a scroll

intransitive verb

1. : to move text or graphics across a display screen

2. of text or graphics : to move across a screen

• scroll·able ˈskrōləbəl adjective

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