Meaning of SEQUENTIAL in English

sə̇ˈkwenchəl, (ˈ)sē|k- adjective

Etymology: Late Latin sequentia sequence + English -al — more at sequence


a. : occurring as a sequela of disease or injury

b. : of, relating to, or forming a sequence : consecutive , serial

combination of two sequential courses into one — S.L.Pressey

set forth the essential facts … in a well ordered, sequential manner — New York Herald Tribune

the … Neolithic setting for which sequential stages have been most fully revealed — H.B.Collins

c. : having the form or character of a musical sequence

sequential arpeggio


a. : occurring without interruption : continuous

b. : relating to or based on a method of testing a statistical hypothesis that involves examination of a sequence of samples for each of which the decision is made to accept or reject the hypothesis or to continue sampling

3. : occuring as a result : consequent

• se·quen·tial·ly -ch(ə)lē, -li adverb

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