Meaning of SERMON in English


I. ˈsərmən, ˈsə̄m, ˈsəim-, dial ˈsärm-, ˈsȧm- verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English sermonen, from Old French sermoner, from sermon

transitive verb

archaic : to preach to

intransitive verb

archaic : preach

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin sermon-, sermo speech, conversation, religious discourse, from Latin, speech, conversation, from serere to join, link together — more at series

1. obsolete : discourse , talk


a. : a religious discourse delivered in public usually by a clergyman as a part of a worship service

preached his maiden sermon last Sunday

b. : a written discourse delivered or intended for delivery as a sermon

a book of sermons


a. : a serious address : a lecture on conduct or duty : homily

going around the country preaching sermons on the need of defending the freedom of the mind — Elmer Davis

the usual sermon by the teacher … on “why you should like to go to school” — H.C.McKown

such little sermons on intelligent marketing are part of the instruction — New Yorker

b. : an annoying harangue

didn't ask for a sermon on the subject

4. : a person or thing whose nature suggests edifying thoughts

sermons in stones — Shakespeare

her story is a sermon warning men against a devotion to lust — F.N.Magill

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