Meaning of SHAVING in English

ˈshāviŋ, -vēŋ noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from gerund of shaven to shave

1. : an act or process of trimming or cutting closely: as

a. : the removal of hair or beard with a razor

shaving with an electric razor takes him about five minutes

b. : the removal of excess material with a cutting tool

shaving is now the most widely used productive method of finishing … gear teeth — R.S.Kegg

c. : the scraping of old material from the surface of a recording medium (as a cylinder) to obtain a new recording surface

2. : a slice or fragment produced by a shaver: as

a. : a thin strip of wood pared off by a plane — usually used in plural

fragrant boards and shavings — G.W.Brace

b. shavings plural : the strips trimmed from either side of a paper web or from a pile of sheets

c. : flake , chip

the roll is then dusted with cocoa and decorated with shavings of bitter chocolate — New Yorker


a. : the discounting of a note at an exorbitant rate

b. : a reduction in amount

some price shavings were announced — Dun's Review

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