Meaning of SHUTDOWN in English


ˈ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷ noun

( -s )

Etymology: shut down

: the cessation or suspension of an activity or function: as

a. : a usually temporary stoppage of work in a factory, mine, or other business enterprise (as because of a strike, lockout, installation or repair of equipment, vacation, or lack of orders or materials)

workers were threatening a total shutdown — Ida A.R. Wylie

increasing the efficiency … and decreasing maintenance shutdowns — H.W.Iversen

trains … resumed operating this morning after a 24-hour shutdown — New York Times

b. : the stopping of a machine or engine that activates itself

the shutdown … of generating equipment in 17 industrial plants — Ohio Edison Co. Report

permitting escape of neutrons and causing a shutdown of the chain reaction — J.L.Collins

c. : the discontinuance of a physical function (as of an organ)

to prevent kidney shutdown — Anesthesia Digest

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