Meaning of SIGNIFICANCE in English


sigˈnifə̇kən(t)s, -fēk- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English significaunce, from Latin significantia, from significant-, significans + -ia -y


a. : something signified : import , meaning , bearing

a familiar sight enough though it broke upon her now with a new significance — Thomas Hardy

having cosmic significances, which I never suspected, extracted from my work — T.S.Eliot

apt to read significance into every casual remark

b. : the quality of conveying or implying : suggestiveness

the young gentleman uttered this exultant sound with mysterious significance — Charles Dickens


a. : the quality of being important : consequence , moment

knack for discovering the ordinary and investing it with warmth and significance — Arthur Knight

the industrial significance of coal

b. : the quality of being statistically significant

Synonyms: see importance

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