Meaning of SILICA in English


ˈsilə̇kə, -lēkə noun

( -s )

Etymology: New Latin, from Latin silic-, silex hard stone, flint, quartz — more at shell

: the chemically resistant dioxide SiO 2 of silicon that occurs naturally in the three crystalline modifications of quartz, tridymite, and cristobalite, in amorphous and hydrated forms (as opal), and in less pure forms (as sand, diatomite, tripoli) and combined in silicates, that can be prepared artificially as a fine white powder from water glass or other soluble silicates and also in colloidal form, and that is used chiefly in making glass, ceramic products, and refractories, in producing elemental silicon, its alloys, and compounds, and as an abrasive, adsorbent, and filler

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