Meaning of SIMILAR in English

I. ˈsimələ(r) also -ml-, substand -myəl- adjective

Etymology: French similaire, from Middle French, from Latin similis like, similar + Old French -aire -ary — more at same

1. : having characteristics in common : very much alike : comparable

for shaping slots, keyways … or similar cuts — H.D.Burghardt & Aaron Axelrod

instruction for children in daily ethics, religion … and similar subjects — S.P.Chase & J.K.Snyder

extremists of the right — so similar in so many ways to the extremists of the left — J.B.Oakes

2. : alike in substance or essentials : corresponding

no two animal habitats are exactly similar — W.H.Dowdeswell


a. : having the same shape : differing only in size and position — used of geometrical figures

b. : moving in the same direction in relation to pitch — used of the motion of two or more voice parts in a musical progression

Synonyms: see like

II. noun

( -s )

: one that resembles another : counterpart , like

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