Meaning of SIMULATION in English


I. ˌsimyəˈlāshən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English simulacion, from Middle French, from Latin simulation-, simulatio, from simulare to simulate + -ion-, -io -ion


a. : the act or process of simulating : imitation , pretense

the simulation of tigers by the rainmakers at the grave may be intended to intimidate the dead man — J.G.Frazer

flung her arms around his neck with an almost perfect simulation of surprise and spontaneity — Louis Auchincloss

b. : a sham object : counterfeit

bogus gilt dadoes … and other simulations — Janet Flanner

2. : willful deception : collusion , misrepresentation

3. : one that shows a superficial resemblance : analogue

the simulation of a black mask on the face of a raccoon

a shabby room that still gave a simulation of elegance

II. noun

1. : the imitative representation of the functioning of one system or process by means of the functioning of another

a computer simulation of an industrial process

2. : examination of a problem often not subject to direct experimentation by means of a simulator (as a programmed computer)

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