Meaning of SLAY in English

I. ˈslā verb

( slew -lü ; slain -lān ; slaying ; slays )

Etymology: Middle English slan, slen, from Old English slēan to strike, beat, slay; akin to Old High German slahan to strike, beat, Old Norse slā, Gothic slahan to strike, beat, Middle Irish slacaim I beat

transitive verb


a. : to deprive of life by force : put (a person) to death violently : murder

began to throttle his enemy, meaning … to slay him — Rudyard Kipling

b. : to strike down : kill

gradually they were eliminated, slaughtered by bullets or slain by disease — Philip Mason

2. : to put (an animal) to death especially for food or as a sacrifice : slaughter

growers slew laying hens when poultryless Thursday depressed prices — advt

3. : to stifle or destroy completely : eradicate , suppress

these semiautomatic words and phrases should be slain — J.E.Gloag

the great love she … had she was slaying — Rose Macaulay

4. : to affect overpoweringly : overwhelm

used to slay myself with exhaustion — Eve Langley

slays the girls with his rugged virility — C.J.Rolo

intransitive verb

: to cause death : kill

no other infection so quickly slays — Journal American Medical Association

Synonyms: see kill


variant of sley

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