Meaning of SODALITY in English

sōˈdaləd.ē, -lətē, -i noun

( -es )

Etymology: Latin sodalitat-, sodalitas comradeship, association, club, from sodalis comrade — more at ethical

1. : a grouping, association, or joining together based on common purpose or interest : brotherhood , community

whether ape hordes are blood kin or mere territorial sodalities — Weston La Barre

federal sodality

body of ardent and vocal supporters and a formidable sodality of hostile critics — R.J.B.Sellar

2. : an organized society or fellowship : fraternity , club

endless … sodalities into which people brigade themselves — John Buchan

specifically : a lay association of the Roman Catholic Church organized for devotional or charitable purposes

3. obsolete : a chapel used for sodality meetings and devotions

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