Meaning of SOMERSAULT in English

I. noun

also sum·mer·sault ˈsəmə(r)ˌsȯlt

( -s )

Etymology: Middle French sombresaut leap, alteration of soubresaut, soubresault, probably from (assumed) Old Provençal sobresaut, from Old Provençal sobre over (from Latin super ) + saut leap, jump, from Latin saltus — more at over , salt

1. : an act of turning end over end: as

a. : a stunt or maneuver in which a person stoops down and while remaining in a tuck position rolls end over end on the floor either forward or backward

b. : a leap or jump in which a person turns his heels over his head forward or backward before landing on the floor

c. : a front or back dive executed in tuck, pike, or layout position in which the diver rotates end over end one or more times before entering the water

2. : an action held to resemble a somersault : a reversal of policy, tactics, or position : a complete overturn

saying that our present Far Eastern policy represents a complete somersault — New Republic

led Bulgaria in its complete somersault from the camp of the Axis into the fold of the Allies — E.P.Snow

II. intransitive verb

also summersault “

( -ed/-ing/-s )

: to turn or execute a somersault

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