Meaning of SORGHUM in English


ˈsȯrgəm, -ȯ(ə)g- noun

Etymology: New Latin, from Italian sorgo, perhaps from (assumed) Vulgar Latin Syricum ( granum ), from Latin Syricum (neuter of Syricus Syrian) + granum grain


a. capitalized : an economically important genus of Old World tropical grasses that are sometimes naturalized in the New World, are widely grown for grain and herbage even in temperate regions, and are characterized by growth habit and stem form similar to that of Indian corn but have the leaves saw-toothed on their edges and the spikelets in pairs on a hairy rachis — see broomcorn , grain sorghum , sorgo

b. -s : any plant of the genus Sorghum ; especially : any cultivated plant (as a grain sorghum or a sorgo) derived from a common species ( S. vulgare )

c. -s : the seeds of grain sorghum used as cereals and stock feed

d. -s : the stalks and leaves of sorghum used for fodder, hay, or silage

2. -s : syrup produced by evaporating from stems of any sorgo the juice which resembles cane sugar but contains a high proportion of invert sugars as well as starch and dextrin

3. -s : something cloyingly sweet or overly sentimental

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