Meaning of SPLAT in English

I. ˈsplat, usu -ad.+V verb

( splatted ; splatted ; splatting ; splats )

Etymology: Middle English splatten

transitive verb

: to split open and spread out (a pike) for cooking

intransitive verb

1. : to flatten on impact

shooting snowballs that splatted on the black trunks — Saul Bellow

2. : to make a sound characteristic of a bullet flattening on impact

II. noun

( -s )

: a single flat thin often ornamental member of a chairback rising from the seat-rail or one just above it to the top rail used on chairs of the Queen Anne and later styles ; also : a similar horizontal member

III. noun

( -s )

Etymology: probably alteration (influenced by splat ) (I) of plat (VIII)

dialect England : a plot of ground ; also : patch , spot , blotch

IV. noun

( -s )

Etymology: back-formation from splatter (III)

: any of various splattering or slapping sounds

splat of naked feet on concrete — Wallace Stegner

the splat of a bullet

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