Meaning of SPOROCYST in English

ˈspōrə, ˈspȯrə+ˌ- noun

Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary spor- + cyst

1. : a unicellular resting cell that may give rise to asexual spores (as in various myxomycetes and algae) — compare sporangium


a. : a case or cyst secreted by some sporozoans preliminary to sporogony ; also : a sporozoan encysted in such a case

b. : a saccular body that is the first reproductive form of a digenetic trematode in the molluscan host and buds off cells from its inner surface which develop into rediae within the cavity of the sporocyst

• spo·ro·cystic | ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷+ adjective

• spo·ro·cystid “+ noun -s

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