Meaning of SPOTTED in English


ˈspäd.ə̇d, -ätə̇d adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from spot (I) + -ed

1. : marked with spots

the spotted coat of a leopard

no spotted pony is ever pure Shetland — Ben Riker

checked, spotted , colored and printed petticoats — Fashions & Fabrics


a. : marked with disfiguring spots

320 pages; front cover spotted

a spotted youth who lounged against the lorry — I.A.N.Henderson

b. : sullied, tarnished

inherited a spotted name

3. : characterized or attended by the appearance of spots


[from past participle of spot (II) ]

: noticed by others : marked ; especially : being under watch or suspicion : suspected


[from past participle of spot (II) ]

: having an irregular distribution : scattered in spots : spotty

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