Meaning of STOW in English


I. ˈstō verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English stowen, from stowe, n., place, from Old English stōw; akin to Old Frisian stō place, Old High German stouwen to complain, accuse, command, Old Norse eld stō hearth, Gothic stojan to judge, Greek stylos pillar — more at steer

transitive verb


a. obsolete : to put in a particular spot : place

his eye had stowed her in his heart — William Warner

b. : to find at least temporary quarters for : house , lodge

stowed the patient in the hospital emergency room

2. obsolete : to put to use : bestow , spend

there stows his treasure — Edward Young


a. : to put away : keep in reserve : store

small buildings where fishermen stowed their gear — S.T.Williamson

grabs the sheep and stows it in the tucker-bag — William Power

— often used with away

taking his hat off, and wiping his head with the handkerchief stowed away in its crown — Mary S. Broome

b. obsolete : to lock up for safekeeping : confine

the mariners all under hatches stowed — Shakespeare

c. : to roll up (a sail) : furl

stow the jib


a. : to dispose in an orderly fashion : arrange , pack

the cargo was stowed in a thoroughly workmanlike … manner — F.W.Crofts

went on stowing cigarettes on the shelf — David Ballantyne

b. : to fill with cargo : load

six warships … stowed to the hatches with scientific gear — Julian Dana

5. slang : to put aside : save for another time

those … not asking questions told those who were to stow it, and give the lieutenant a chance — Frances & Richard Lockridge


a. archaic : to fill with contents : crowd

compared his mind to the magazine of a pawnbroker, stowed with goods of every description — Sir Walter Scott

b. : to cram in (food) — usually used with away

the more of this heavenly food you can stow away, the more you are admired — Hugh Cave

c. : to fill up (as a stope) with waste

intransitive verb

: to fit into a storage space : pack , store

a stout rope ladder … which stows neatly in a box on the floor — P.W.Kearney

the anchor stows at the hawsepipe — A.M.Knight

Synonyms: see set

II. ˈstü, ˈstau̇ transitive verb

Etymology: origin unknown

Scot & dialect England : cut , crop , trim

III. noun

( -s )

Etymology: by alteration

obsolete : stove

IV. ˈstō noun

( -s )

Etymology: by shortening

: stowbord

V. abbreviation


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