Meaning of STOWAGE in English


ˈstōij, -ōēj noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from stowen to stow + -age


a. : an act or process of stowing

facilitate the stowage of wine casks — G.S.L.Clowes

b. : goods in storage or to be stowed

crates and other stowage piled up on the dock

c. : the manner of stowing

faulty stowage … causes a cargo shift — E.B.Garside


a. : storage capacity

she has excellent stowage for food and water — Peter Heaton

b. : a place or receptacle for storage

a stowage in a London granary containing 500 tons of … wheat — R.W.Owen

booms situated amidships … constituted the stowage for spare spars — Manual of Seamanship

3. : storage

jewels of rich and exquisite form … and I am something curious, being strange, to have them in safe stowage — Shakespeare

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