Meaning of STRATIFICATION in English


ˌstrad.əfə̇ˈkāshən, -ratə- noun

( -s )

Etymology: New Latin stratification-, stratificatio, from stratificatus (past participle of stratificare to stratify) + Latin -ion-, -io -ion

: the act or process of stratifying or state of being stratified : a stratified formation : disposal or growth in layers: as

a. : the arrangement of sedimentary rocks in layers

b. : the placing of seeds in damp sand, peat moss, or sawdust to facilitate germination that is a necessary procedure for seeds requiring moisture or low temperature or both during their resting period or afterripening period

c. : stratified variation in the richness of the mixture in a cylinder of an internal combustion engine


(1) : a formation of social classes, castes, strata, or levels into a hierarchy of prestige

(2) : a graded system of individual statuses within a group, community, or organization

e. : arrangement (as of a forest) in vertical layers of vegetation so as to make maximum use of available light

f. : arrangement of the waters of a lake into hypolimnion and epilimnion separated by a thermocline as a result especially of differences in specific gravity brought about by natural warming of the waters above the thermocline

g. : the division of a statistical population into groups on any basis especially in order to select a sample from each group

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