Meaning of SUPRASEGMENTAL in English


| ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ at supra- + adjective

Etymology: supra- + segment + -al

1. : situated above or anterior to segments or segmental parts

2. : developed in addition to segments or segmental parts: as

a. : of, relating to, or being the parts of the brain that constitute the cerebellum and cerebral cortex together with associated white matter and nuclei, are increasingly developed in higher vertebrates, and cannot be identified with specific parts of the primitive metameric chordate pattern — compare neopallium , segmental

b. : of or relating to significant features of pitch, stress, and juncture accompanying or superadded to vowels and consonants when the latter are assembled in succession in the construction of a speaker-to-hearer communication

segmental and suprasegmental components

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