Meaning of SYNDROME in English


ˈsinˌdrōm sometimes -_drəm or -drə(ˌ)mē or -drəmi noun

( -s )

Etymology: New Latin, from Greek syndromē act of running together, combination, syndrome, from syn- + -dromē (from dramein to run) — more at dromedary

1. : a group of symptoms or signs typical of a disease, disturbance, condition, or lesion in animals or plants

shoulder-arm syndrome

syndrome of genetic abnormalities

starvation syndrome

schizophrenia … is a syndrome related to a variety of etiological factors — Leopold Bellak & Elizabeth Wilson

2. : a set of concurrent things : concurrence

a word possesses a syndrome of meanings — English Journal

• syn·drom·ic (ˈ)sin|drōmik, -räm-, -mēk adjective

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