Meaning of SYNERESIS in English


or syn·aer·e·sis sə̇ˈnerəsə̇s, -nir-, esp in sense 2 ÷ˌsinəˈrēsə̇s

( plural synere·ses or synaere·ses -əˌsēz, -ēˌsēz)

Etymology: Late Latin synaeresis, from Greek synairesis, literally, contraction, from synairein to seize and bring together, shorten, contract (from syn- + hairein to seize, take) + -sis — more at heresy


a. : the union or drawing together into one syllable of two vowels ordinarily separated in pronunciation (as ˈsēst for ˈsē.ə̇st seest ) — opposed to diaeresis

b. : synizesis 1

2. : the separation of liquid from a gel caused by contraction

syneresis if carried further … results in coagulation — J.W.McBain

— compare coagulation 1, imbibition 2a

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