Meaning of TABLET in English


I. ˈtablə̇t, usu -ə̇d.+V noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English tablett, tablette, from Middle French tablete, diminutive of table — more at table



(1) : a flat surface, slab, or plaque suited for or bearing an inscription

cuneiform tablets

tablets … range in size from small nameplates and directional signs to large memorials and honor rolls — Sweet's Catalog Service

(2) archaic : a relatively thin flat panel containing a picture or engraving

knew not when to take his hand from the tablet which he was painting — Vicesimus Knox

b. : a thin slab (as of clay) or one of a set of portable leaves or sheets (as of ivory or wax-coated wood) used for writing

behind the throne stood … the scribe, inscribing the judgments with a pointed tool on tablets of clay — Nora B. Kubie

two tablets fastened together with string … could form a closed letter which the recipient, after smoothing over the wax, could return with his answer — F.G.Kenyon

c. : a collection of sheets of paper usually of the same size laid together and glued at one edge and usually having a front cover — compare pad 7

d. : something that resembles a tablet: as

(1) : a flat piece of an inflexible material (as an ornamental tile for a fireplace)

(2) : panel 3f(3)

(3) : a key controlling a stop on an electronic organ

by … depressing any one of the stop tablets a tonal combination is set up — R.L.Eby


a. : a compressed or molded block of a solid material : cake , bar

a tablet of soap

b. : a small mass of medicated material usually in the shape of a disk or flat square

aspirin tablet

— compare pill

c. chiefly Britain : a small patty or lozenge of candy

almond tablet

lemon tablet


a. : a table-cut gem

b. : a tabular crystal


a. : a horizontal coping stone

b. : table 5a

II. transitive verb

( tableted or tabletted ; tableted or tabletted ; tableting or tabletting ; tablets )


a. : to provide or mark with a tablet

b. : to inscribe on a tablet

2. : to form into a tablet

III. noun

: graphics tablet herein

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