Meaning of TOBACCO in English


təˈba(ˌ)kō, -_kə; -_kəw, -_kō+V noun

( plural tobaccos also tobaccoes )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Spanish tabaco, probably from Taino, roll of tobacco leaves smoked by the Indians of the Antilles at the time of Columbus


a. : a plant of the genus Nicotiana especially when cultivated for its leaves ; usually : a tall erect annual So. American herb ( N. tabacum ) with large ovate to lanceolate leaves and terminal clusters of tubular white or pink flowers

b. : a crop of tobacco

tobacco is hard on land

just got his tobacco into the barns


a. : the leaves of cultivated tobacco prepared and processed for use in smoking or chewing or as snuff

a plug of chewing tobacco

b. : manufactured products of tobacco (as cigars or cigarettes) for personal use

users of tobacco

c. : the use of tobacco : the habit of smoking or chewing

swore off tobacco

3. : any of various plants felt to resemble or used like or as a substitute for tobacco — usually used with a qualifying attributive; see indian tobacco

4. : a moderate brown that is redder and deeper than chestnut brown or coffee, darker and slightly redder than auburn, duller and very slightly yellower than bay, and duller and slightly yellower than toast brown — compare tobacco brown

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