Meaning of TONNAGE in English


ˈtənij, -nēj noun

( -s )

Etymology: in sense 1, from Middle English, from Middle French, from Old French tonne barrel, tun + -age; in other senses, from ton (II) + -age

1. also tun·nage “ : a duty formerly levied on every tun of wine imported and exported


a. : a duty or impost on vessels based on cargo capacity

b. : a duty, toll, or rate on goods per ton transported on canals

3. : ships in terms of the total number of tons registered or carried or of the sum of their carrying capacity

the tonnage built in American shipyards is small

the tonnage devoted to Oriental trade


a. : the capacity of a merchant ship in units of 100 cubic feet of enclosed space — compare deadweight capacity , net tonnage

b. : the displacement of a warship

5. : total weight in tons : aggregate of tons shipped, carried, or mined

this mine's daily tonnage is large

a railroad with the year's record for tonnage

6. : the rating in tons of the pressure or thrust exerted by a machine or engine

tonnage of a press

tonnage of a rocket engine

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