Meaning of TORSO in English


I. ˈtȯr(ˌ)sō, -ȯ(ə)(ˌ)sō noun

( plural torsos -sōz ; or tor·si -sē ; also torsoes )

Etymology: Italian, stalk, stem, torso, from Latin thyrsus thyrsus, stalk, stem — more at thyrsus

1. : the trunk of a sculptured representation of a human body ; especially : the trunk of a statue whose head and limbs are mutilated

2. : something (as a work of art or letters) that is mutilated or left unfinished

three volumes and only a torso completed — Infantry Journal


a. : the human trunk

she lifted his torso with great strength and infinite solicitude — F.M.Ford

b. : something likened to the human torso (as the trunk of a tree)

cypress trees, tough twisted torsoes lashed by long winds — Carl Sandburg

c. : the part of a garment that covers the torso

a black-and-white checked cotton with a long, graceful torso has a button-on collar — New Yorker

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: modification (influenced by torso ) (I) of French ( colonne ) torse twisted column, from colonne column (from Middle French colomne ) + torse, feminine of obsolete tors twisted — more at column , torsade

: a twisted or spiral shaft or column

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