Meaning of TRANSLUCENT in English


-nt adjective

Etymology: Latin translucent-, translucens, present participle of translucēre to shine through, from trans- + lucēre to shine — more at light

1. : shining or glowing through : penetrating , luminous

the translucent rays of the sun


a. : transparent

materials used … for making windows or other translucent objects — Notes & Queries on Anthropology

the water was translucent , and I could readily watch from … the canoe what was going on — V.G.Heiser

b. : readily perceptible : clear , lucid

his way of teaching, his translucent exposition — H.O.Taylor

an interpretation … amazingly delicate and translucent — C.G.Poore

the early piano is beautifully translucent throughout its compass — Robert Donington

3. : admitting and diffusing light so that objects beyond cannot be clearly distinguished : partly transparent

nothing could penetrate them except in the limited way that light penetrated translucent substances — Lewis Mumford

the translucent skin showing the radiant rose beneath — W.H.Hudson †1922

translucent amber — Elinor Wylie

Synonyms: see clear

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