Meaning of TRILOBITE in English


ˈtrīləˌbīt noun

( -s )

Etymology: New Latin Trilobites division of Arthropoda comprising the trilobites, from Greek trilobos three-lobed (from tri- three + lobos lobe) + Latin -ites -ite — more at tri- , sleep

: any of numerous extinct Paleozoic marine arthropods that constitute the group Trilobita, have delicate biramous appendages and the segments of the body divided by furrows on the dorsal surface into a median axis and two lateral pleura, are usually of a flattened oval form, and besides the longitudinal lobes present the three transverse body regions of head, thorax, and pygidium of which the first is covered by a continuous shield, the second consists of a variable number of free segments, and the last of a number of coalescent segments

• tri·lo·bit·ic | ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷|bid.ik adjective

[s]trilobit.jpg[/s] [

fossil of a trilobite


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