Meaning of TUBERCULOSIS in English

təˌbərkyəˈlōsə̇s, t(y)üˌ-, -ˌbə̄k-, -ˌbəik- sometimes ÷ -kəˈ- or ˌt(y)übə(r)k- noun

( -es )

Etymology: New Latin, from tubercul- + -osis

1. : an acute or chronic highly variable communicable disease of man and some other vertebrates caused by the tubercle bacillus ( Mycobacterium tuberculosis ), found in any tissue in the body but especially those of the respiratory tract whence it spreads from local lesions or by way of the lymph or blood vessels, and characterized by toxic symptoms (as fever, night sweats, or loss of weight) from absorption of toxic products of tissue destruction or by allergic manifestations that involve inflammatory infiltrations, formation of tubercles, caseation, and fibrosis — see miliary tuberculosis

2. : any of several bacterial diseases of plants (as the olive or sugar beet) in which enlargements or pockets are formed

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