Meaning of UNKNOWN in English


I. “+ adjective

Etymology: Middle English unknowen, unknawen, from un- (I) + knowen, knawen known — more at known

1. : not known: as

a. : strange , unfamiliar

b. : not apprehended : not ascertained

c. : incalculable , inexpressible

d. : lacking an established or normal status : having no formal recognition

unknown to the court

2. obsolete : not knowing : ignorant

• un·known·ness noun -es

II. noun

1. : one that is unknown: as

a. : an unknown or unidentified person — usually used with the

the fair unknown

b. : a thing, state, or region that is unknown or imperfectly known or defined

left to seek his fortune in the western unknown

this unknown may alter our plans

2. : something requiring to be discovered, identified, or made clear ; especially : a letter or other symbol in a mathematical equation representing a number that is to be found and often consisting of one of the last letters of the alphabet — see unknown quantity

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