Meaning of UNTIE in English

“+ verb

Etymology: Middle English untyen, from Old English untīegan, from un- (II) + tīegan to tie — more at tie

transitive verb

1. : to detach from something by loosing a connecting rope or other tie

untied the horse from the fence

2. : to free from something that fastens or restrains : let loose : unbind

untied him from his promise

specifically : to set free from a rope or other confining bond

untied his hands

untied the package


a. : to disengage the knotted parts of

untied his tie, took it off, and opened his collar

found it hard to untie the knot

b. : disentangle , resolve

the worst traffic tangle … when 75,000 cars choked all roads leading out of the city, was untied — Sydney (Australia) Bulletin

c. : dissolve , undo

untie the spell — Shakespeare

intransitive verb

1. : to become loosened or unbound

all cords easily untied but the one binding me to what I loved — Anais Nin

2. : to unfasten a knot or loosen a bond

those who tangled must untie — Robert Browning

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