Meaning of UPTAKE in English

I. | ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷ transitive verb

Etymology: Middle English uptaken, from up + taken to take — more at take

1. obsolete : to take up : lift , raise

2. chiefly Scotland : understand , comprehend

II. ˈ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷ noun

1. : understanding , comprehension

quick on the uptake

slow in the uptake — Arnold Bennett

prided herself upon being sharp at the uptake — Victoria Sackville-West


a. : the pipe leading upward from the smokebox of a steam boiler to the chimney or smokestack : a flue leading upward

b. : a shaft or tube up which a current of air passes especially for ventilation : upcast

3. : take-up

the loom's uptake

4. : an act or instance of absorbing and incorporating especially into a living organism

the uptake of inorganic phosphate normally associated with respiration — P.A.Harvey & Wei Yang

thyroid function should be determined by radioiodine uptake studies — Journal American Medical Association

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