Meaning of USAGE in English


ˈyüs]ij, ]ēj also -üz]\ noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, from user to use + -age

1. : habitual or customary practice or use:


(1) : the prevailing mode of procedure (as of a craft, business, liturgical tradition) : a principle or method of action or body of these commonly followed within a group

these principles and rules grew up entirely on the basis of usage (sometimes reenforced by judicial decision), and were never enacted by Parliament — F.A.Ogg & Harold Zink

the chapel services follow the usage of the Episcopal church — Bard College Bulletin

(2) : a uniform certain reasonable practice not contrary to law which exists in a particular locality or among those engaged in a particular occupation or business and by which those entering into consensual transactions are bound either by express assent or by implied acquiescence on the basis of presumed familiarity — compare custom , prescription

b. : the habitual practice of a person : usual behavior : habit

propping oneself on one's elbows to drink a cup of tea … is still an ill-bred usage — Agnes M. Miall

c. : the way in which words and phrases are actually used (as in a particular form or sense) generally or among a community or group of persons : customary use of language

like all grammarians, he professed to base his work on actual usage ; in fact, however, he … gave his approval only to such constructions as met his rigid notions of logic and propriety — G.H.Genzmer

instruct pupils in the rules of good usage


a. : the action, amount, or mode of using : use

the corners somewhat smashed and broken as by long, rough usage — R.L.Stevenson

steadily increasing usage of the nation's highways — J.C.Nelson

freshmen students are given a brief period of instruction in library usage — Bulletin of Meharry Medical College

b. : manner of conduct toward a person : treatment

complained of ill usage at the hands of his jailors — threats, scanty food, beatings

3. : utility , advantage

we can fell trees and put them to our usage — George Moore

Synonyms: see form , habit

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