Meaning of VENTILATE in English

I. ˈvent ə lˌāt, usu -ād.+V verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Late Latin ventilatus, past participle of ventilare to ventilate, from Latin, to toss, brandish in the air, winnow, fan, from ventulus slight wind, breeze, from ventus wind + -ulus — more at wind

transitive verb


a. : to open for consideration and discussion : examine, discuss, or investigate freely, fully, and usually publicly

ventilating family quarrels before strangers

b. : to make public or known to others : give expression to : utter

continued to ventilate his complaints


a. archaic : to free (as grain) from chaff by fanning or winnowing

b. obsolete : to enliven (as a fire) by or as if by blowing or fanning

c. archaic : to cause (air) to move as by fanning or blowing

3. : to expose to air and especially to a current of fresh air (as for cooling, purifying, or refreshing): as

a. : to expose (blood) to air (as in a lung or gill) to permit uptake of oxygen and release of carbon dioxide : oxygenate , aerate

b. : to expose (as grain or hay) to a current of air usually to dry or cure


a. of a current of air : to pass or circulate through so as to freshen and to dissipate vitiated or contaminated air

b. : to cause fresh air to circulate through and vitiated or contaminated air to be simultaneously withdrawn from (as a room or mine)

powerful blowers ventilate the long passages


a. : to plan the ventilation of or provide with vents or other openings through which air or other gas may pass or circulate

an attic ventilated with louvers under the eaves

diagrams showing how to ventilate a founder's mold

b. : to induce ventilation of by manipulation of facilities provided

threw open the windows and ventilated the long-closed house

c. : to make (as a wig) by knotting individual hairs to a lace net foundation

d. : to provide an opening in (a burning structure) to permit escape of smoke and heat

intransitive verb

: to undergo ventilation : become ventilated

surfacing at night to recharge her batteries and ventilate — J.P.Baxter b.1893

Synonyms: see express

II. transitive verb

: to subject the lungs of (an individual) to ventilation

artificially ventilate a patient

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