Meaning of VENUS in English


ˈvēnəs noun

Etymology: after Venus, Roman goddess of love, 2d planet from the sun, from Latin Vener-, Venus, from vener-, venus love — more at win

1. -es usually capitalized : a woman felt to resemble the Roman goddess of love and beauty ; broadly : a beautiful and charming woman or one who exemplifies feminine grace and charm

2. -es usually capitalized

[Middle English Venus, 2d planet from the sun, from Latin Vener-, Venus ]

: the lesser astrological fortune : a feminine temperately cold and moist nocturnal planet the mansions of which are Taurus and Libra, the exaltation 27 degrees Pisces, the depression 27 degrees Virgo, and the orb 7 degrees

3. -es

[Middle English Venus, from Medieval Latin Vener-, Venus, from Latin, 2d planet from the sun]

: copper


[New Latin, from Latin]

a. capitalized : a large genus of marine bivalve mollusks (family Veneridae) having a thick oval usually inflated shell with often prominent concentric ridges and with the internal margins finely denticulate

b. plural venuses -əsə̇z also ven·er·es ˈvenəˌrēz : any mollusk of Venus or a related genus

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