Meaning of VERNIER in English


I. ˈvərnēər, ˈvə̄nēə(r, ˈvəinēə(r noun

also vernier scale

( -s )

Etymology: after Pierre Vernier died 1637 French mathematician

1. : a short scale made to slide along the divisions of a graduated instrument (as the limb of a sextant or the scale of a barometer) for indicating parts of divisions and so graduated that a convenient number of its divisions are just equal in length to a number (either one less or one more) of the divisions of the instrument and so that parts of a division are determined by observing what line on the vernier coincides with a line on the instrument

2. : a small auxiliary device (as a variable condenser of very small capacity in parallel with another condenser) used with a main device to obtain fine adjustment

II. adjective

: having or comprising a vernier

vernier comparator

III. noun

also vernier engine

: any of two or more small supplementary rocket engines or gas nozzles on a missile or rocket vehicle for making fine adjustments in the speed or course or controlling the attitude

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