Meaning of VERTEX in English

ˈvər]ˌteks, ˈvə̄], ˈvəi] noun

( plural verti·ces ]d.əˌsēz, ]tə- ; also vertexes ]ˌteksə̇z)

Etymology: Latin vertex, vortex whirl, whirlpool, highest point, peak, from Latin vertere to turn — more at worth



(1) : the point opposite to and farthest from the base in a figure

(2) : the termination or intersection of lines or curves

the vertex of an angle

(3) : a point where an axis of an ellipse, parabola, or hyperbola intersects the curve itself

b. : the point of intersection of an axially symmetrical optical surface with its axis of symmetry


(1) : zenith 1 ; also : the point on the limb of a celestial body nearest the zenith

(2) : a point on the celestial sphere toward which star streaming is directed

2. : the top of the head: as

a. : the upper part of the head of an insect in front above the antennae and between the compound eyes


(1) : the highest point of the human skull when held in the eye-ear plane

(2) : the highest median point of the head of the living human when in a natural position

3. : a principal or highest point : summit , apex

a monument on the vertex of the hill commands a breathtaking view

often : the high point of an arch : crown , keystone

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