Meaning of YEN in English


I. ˈyen noun

( -s )

Etymology: Japanese en circle, yen, from Chinese (Pekingese) yüan 2 round, circle, dollar

1. : the basic monetary unit of Japan — see money table

2. : a coin or note representing one yen

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: obsolete English slang yen-yen craving for opium, from Chinese (Cant) in-yăn, from in opium + yăn craving

1. : an impelling craving for opium or some other narcotic

wanted a fix to get his yen off

2. : a strong desire or propensity : longing

a yen to see the world

: urge

whatever you have a yen to do — ride, swim, or fish — Saturday Night

III. intransitive verb

( yenned ; yenned ; yenning ; yens )

: to desire intensely : long , yearn

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