Meaning of YOUNGSTER in English


ˈyəŋztə(r), -ŋ(k)st- noun

( -s )


a. : a usually vigorous or lively young person : youth

communities which do not have adequate facilities for the youngster in trouble — J.B.Costello

tells us … of the adolescence of this youngster — H.G.Wells

a bumper crop of teen-age youngsters fast ripening into … soldiers — U.S. News & World Report

b. : child

the mother with her youngsters tumbling about her feet

c. : a person in the relatively early years of manhood or of a career

it is among the youngsters, aged from 20 to 40, that the flame of confidence burns brightest — Drew Middleton

only a handful … left, most of them youngsters in their twenties and thirties — Saturday Review

d. : an older or aged person retaining the vitality or vigor of youth

a sprightly youngster of eighty, he's still going strong doing six shows a day — Irish Digest


a. : a midshipman who has served less than four years — compare oldster 1

b. : a sophomore at a military academy (as the United States Naval Academy)


a. : a young mammal, bird, or plant especially of a domesticated or cultivated breed or type

owners can try out their youngsters for the first time on a racecourse — Dennis Craig

one youngster … old enough to fly — T.M.Downs

no trees except for a few hardy youngsters — Nathaniel Burt

b. youngsters plural , dialect : the young leaves of the common wintergreen ( Gaultheria procumbens )

4. : something newly formed, instituted, or established

ballet … was just about a hundred years old, practically a youngster as art forms go — Anatole Chujoy

joined hands with another promising youngster , a journalistic fraternity — Quill

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